Silk & Chiffon Ankara Prints

Do you ever wish for beautiful African prints in silk? Well, guess what? Wishes do come true! The beautiful collection of silk and chiffon is amazing😍 One order contains 4 yards of chiffon and 2 yards of silk. The African fabric duo screams perfection for a beautiful pair of wide-leg trousers and an identical top! Or imagine a flowy maxi dress for the sweltering summer months.  Did you know silk, the exquisite fiber is yet the strongest natural textile in the world? With many synthetic options to choose from, some parachutes are made from lightweight and durable fiber. The fiber is not only catered for apparel, but the medical industry finds the antibacterial attributes ideal for surgical sutures also known as stitches.   Ready to create your modern masterpiece? Head over to queenbeejelly...

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Ugh! Sewing with African Wax fabric aka African Fabric aka Ankara can be a pain when removing the stickers. It’s not hard to peel off a sticker, right? Wrong! Once you peel off the sticker, 99% of the time part of the sticker is still attached or residue is left on your fabric. Keep reading to find the best way to avoid frustration. Items You Need:1) Iron2) Piece Paper Towel3) Fabric w/ Sticker The Best Way to Remove the Stickers:1) Make sure fabric is on a flat surface. Lay paper towel over entire sticker you're removing.2) Press heated iron on top of paper towel and move across the entire paper towel. Back and forth for 60 seconds. Make sure heat...

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