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All you need to know about Ankara Fabric?

African fabric

All You Need To Know About Ankara Fabric

What is Ankara fabric? Where did Ankara fabric originate from? What makes Ankara fabric so special? Where to buy Ankara fabric? Find out all that and much more in this ultimate guide on Ankara fabric.

African Ankara Fabric

Have you heard about Ankara fabric before? 

No, we’re not talking about Turkish textile!

Ankara is a specialty woven fabric that represents the people, culture, and heritage of West Africa.

It’s also fast gaining popularity in the Western world due to its unique color intensity and designs. 

Want to find out more about this culturally rich and visually appealing African fabric?

Let’s dive into Ankara and learn all there is to know about it!

What Makes Ankara Fabric Special?

Tradition in the form of fashion – the Ankara or African fabric – is trending due to many reasons. 

  • African Culture

  • The design or pattern of Ankara print fabric is a symbol associated with the African identity. 

    So much so, that historically women used to wear it as a form of non-verbal communication as the patterns represented a common language the local people understood.

  • Color Intensity

  • The standout feature of Queen Bee Jelly Modern Fabrics Ankara is the identical color intensity on the front and back of the fabric. 

    Moreover, the vibrant colors and prints don't fade away like other fabrics. It has non-bleeding properties which preserve its color intensity. 

    That’s why people are increasingly opting for Ankara fabric for their upholstery too!

  • Coolness

  • It’s not just the aesthetics of African fabric that are pleasing. The cotton is woven comfortable, lightweight, and breathable – soaking in sweat and allowing you to feel cool in the heat.

    These factors not only make the Ankara fabric a superb fashion statement for African people but also is a popular choice in other parts of the world.

    The Origins & Technique of Ankara Fabric

    So, what is this wax-resistant technique that creates such wonderful fabric? Well, it may come as a surprise, but the "African" fabric originated far away from Africa!

    Indonesians have been using a method called Batik for many centuries. 

    It involves melting wax to create patterns on blank cloth. Then, it is dipped into dye, where the wax prevents the patterns from getting covered in dye and smudging. This way, they create many unique patterns.

    In 1858, the demand for the printed cotton fabric was on the rise. Dutch entrepreneur, Pieter Fentener Van Vlissingen, came up with the idea to mechanize the Batik process for large-scale production.

    Here, the fabric also came to be known as “Veritable Dutch Hollandais” and “Wax Hollandais.”

    From there, Van Vlissingen’s company, Vlisco, took the fabric to Ghana, where it eventually became embedded in the local culture.

    Now, African print fabric is produced in large-scale textile industries around the world.

    How To Wash Ankara Fabric?

    Ankara fabrics promise durability – they just need a little bit of care.

    Whether you are handwashing or machine washing the fabric, make sure the water is cold, simply wash and dry. That’s it.

    Our Ankara Fabric’s prints and colors don’t fade or bleed. So, you don’t even have to wash them separately.

    Ankara Fabric Today

    An Indonesian technique improvised by a Dutch businessman that turned into a symbol of African culture, Ankara fabric’s journey is remarkable.

    Today, with fashion and technology constantly evolving, Ankara fabric isn’t just limited to cotton and clothes.

    Ankara fabric in silk and chiffon

    It's available in spandex, silk, and chiffon too for home goods such as quilts, chairs, couches, and much more!

    Do you want to explore this unique fabric more and become a part of the trend taking over the world by storm? 

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