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Ugh! Sewing with African Wax fabric aka African Fabric aka Ankara can be a pain when removing the stickers. It’s not hard to peel off a sticker, right? Wrong! Once you peel off the sticker, 99% of the time part of the sticker is still attached or residue is left on your fabric. Keep reading to find the best way to avoid frustration.

Items You Need:
1) Iron
2) Piece Paper Towel
3) Fabric w/ Sticker

The Best Way to Remove the Stickers:
1) Make sure fabric is on a flat surface. Lay paper towel over entire sticker you're removing.
2) Press heated iron on top of paper towel and move across the entire paper towel. Back and forth for 60 seconds. Make sure heat is distributed on all four corners of sticker.
*Iron temp will determine fabric content. Cotton Ankara = Iron temp set to Cotton.
3) Remove paper towel & peel sticker from the corner.
4) Place paper towel on sticky residue & repeat Step 2. Instead of 60 seconds press for 30 seconds.

See demonstration on Instagram.

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