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Where do I find inspiration?

Where do  I find inspiration?

Look up! 

Well not necessarily at the sky, but look up from whatever device you are reading this on. 

That’s inspiration. 

Inspiration is all around us. It’s inside, outside, in the hood, out of the hood, in the desert, in the crowded city, and even on the freeway. It is everything that we place our eyes on. 

The secret is to pause, take note of what you see, and relate it to the project you're working on. 

What do I mean? 

Let's say you’re a designer. I look up and I see a white wall! Not too much there, but I start to incorporate how I can use white in my next collection. 

 Hmmm… an all-white collection… an all-white collection with texture… an all-white collection with details… an all-white collection with fabric that defines shape…  
Better yet an all-white collection that is abstract to the wall you saw!


Even if you live in a hot climate where all you can see is tumbleweeds, mountains, and desert soil, there is inspiration. 

Let's say you’re an artist in the desert. 

You are over drawing mountains and the horizon. Zoom in! Take a piece of what you see. Not necessarily the middle, maybe the edge or upper left corner of what you can see. 

What does the sky look like? 

What does it feel like? 

Can you hear anything? 

Do you smell anything? Not literally, but what does your brain smell? 

If you can taste the sky, what does it taste like to you? 

What's the texture like in your mouth? In your hands?

There are no rules to YOUR creations. Do you know why there are no rules? It’s because you are the only one who can box yourself into the game of rules. If your sky in the latter example was pink, fluffy & soft, maybe it tasted like cotton candy! That’s cool because it’s your sky.  

Taking it a step further, consider what happens when liquid touches the cotton candy. Use your imagination. It dissolves, leaving little sugar crumbs. Imagine that! Pink sky raining down sugar crumbs!?! HA LOVE IT!!

Basically what I’m saying is to use your senses to take in the world around you. Then use what you find to create magic!

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