You ever go into work thinking 'this cant be life?' It was Fall 2017, I had just gotten off the Metro in Washington DC. Headed up the escalator and those exact words played in my mind like a dreadful  DC Breaking News story. That was the day I knew it was time to shake life up. With an overflow of self reflection & removing all the noise out my life, I was led to head back South. 

Two years later I was at work in DC, sitting in an Inclusion & Diversity training, listening to a former TED speaker. An hour into the speech I was gazing at my phone & I heard the speaker mention queen bee jelly. My head raised, 'queen bee jelly, what's that?' He went on to explain how a bee becomes a Queen.

If interested keep reading, this is the good part.

In the hive, the worker bees have this creamy substance that comes from their heads. They feed this substance, known as jelly, to the larvae in the hive. Some believe the larvae with an abundance of the jelly will be the Queen. How does this equate to fabric? Glad you ask! Figuratively speaking:

  • Worker Bees = Designers / Creators 
  • Jelly = Fabric / Creation
  • Queen = YOU (customer of the designer)

Designers drape (feed) customers in our fabric creating Queens.  Feel like royalty when wearing fabric from queenbeejelly | MODERN FABRICS!

 WHAT'S queenbeejelly | MODERN FABRICS? 

It's an online fabric boutique. Our curator goal is to inspire through texture colors & prints! We believe in

Self - Expression Embrace who you are.
Imperfection Is the key to happiness, we want you to be vulnerable when shopping with us. 
Inclusion There's no reason any human being should be left out. 
Sustainability  We do our part to sustain this Earth as long as possible by using reusable totes.  The totes are free with your purchase. Please use it when grocery shopping instead of paper / plastic!