I love your fabric, but I don't know a seamstress / designer / tailor / creator. Will you connect me with one?   
We'll love too! Email fabriccurator@queenbeejelly.com with your needs & we'll take it from there. 

I've changed my mind. Can I return the fabric & get my money back?
Of Course! You have 30 days from arrival to return.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?
Unfortunately yes. However, if we made a mistake we'll cover your return shipping.

Can I cancel my order?
We are sorry, you can't cancel your order. Once you receive the items feel free to return.

I'm a seamstress / designer / tailor / creator & would like to be contacted when customers need something created. Where do I signup?
Please email fabriccurator@queenbeejelly.com in the subject line note if you're a seamstress / designer / curator / creator. We'll be in touch!

Is there a fee to remove the stubborn stickers on the Ankara?
Absolutely not! Send an email to cs@queenbeejelly.com with your order number and we'll be happy to remove those stubborn stickers. 

Can I buy less than six yards of Ankara?
At this time the least amount of Ankara you can buy is six yards.

Do you have a storefront?
We are planning to open a brick & mortar. Join the party on the homepage & follow us on Instagram @queenbeejelly & Facebook to receive updates.