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Experience premium cotton fabric for just $20 for 6 yards. No code necessary.


What's queenbeejelly MODERN FABRICS? It's an online fabric boutique. Our curator goal is to inspire through texture colors & prints. We believe embrace who you are and imperfection is the key to happiness!

What does queen bee jelly and fabric have in common? In the hive, the worker bees have this creamy substance that comes from their heads. They feed this substance, known as jelly, to the larvae in the hive. Some believe the larvae with an abundance of the jelly will be the Queen.

Figuratively speaking:
• Worker Bees = Designers / Creators
• Jelly = Fabric / Creation
• Queen = YOU (customer of the designer)
Designers drape (feed) customers in our fabric creating Queens. queenbeejelly | MODERN FABRICS what royalty feels and looks like!

I love your fabric, but I don't know a seamstress / designer / tailor / creator. Will you connect me with one?   
We would love too! Email with your needs & we'll take it from there. 

I've changed my mind. Can I return the fabric & get my money back?
Of course! As long as haven't altered the fabric. You have 30 days from arrival to return.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?
Yes. However, if we made a mistake we'll cover your return shipping.

I'm a seamstress / designer / tailor / creator & would like to be contacted when customers need something created. Where do I sign up?
Please email in the subject line note if you're a seamstress / designer / curator / creator. We'll be in touch!

Can I use Ankara to create quilts? 
Absolutely! The beautiful prints and colors are perfect to add character to your quilts.  

Can I buy less than six yards of Ankara?
Yes! Feel free to buy each print by the yard. 

How should I wash the Ankara?
After removing the stickers, toss your fabric in the washer. We recommend cold water on delicate cycle. If you would like more tips follow @queenbeejelly on Instagram & Facebook

Premium Quality Fabrics

We source the highest quality fabrics.