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The Brand:

queenbeejelly MODERN FABRICS is an online fabric boutique founded in 2019 by Tamarha Walker. The brand name comes from the special creamy substance created by the worker bees in a hive for their queen bee. Like this “jelly”, draping yourself or your customers in fabric from queenbeejelly may lead to the wearer feeling like royalty.

Fabric available online through queenbeejelly is known as Ankara, African Fabric, Dutch Wax, Holland Wax, and the list keeps going. Ankara fabric is unique, colorful, and has attractive modern designs with a vibrant history. Each piece is sold online in six-yard increments and made from 100% cotton. Other fabric collections available from the brand come in chiffon and silk. These are some of the best fabrics available online and can be used as women’s fashion fabric, men’s fashion fabric, interior design fabric, crafting fabric, and more. 

The collection consists of gorgeous blends of color, patterns, and mixes are inspired by the seasons and Tamarha’s eye for detail. What’s particularly beautiful about this fabric is the story behind each print and the imperfections that occur naturally. “That’s the beauty of the brand,” says Tamarha, ‘The imperfections just work!”

The Woman:                                                   

In 2019 Tamarha left her job to pursue her passion for fashion and fabric. “Let’s call it an imperfect situation made perfect,” says Tamarha. With a Masters's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas Little Rock, her goal is to expose her passion for Ankara fabric to the world - and to inspire others to follow their hopes and dreams the same way she did.

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