We understand money can be spread thin, but you still need fabric! qbj | MODERN FABRICS gives you the opportunity to pay on your items through our Lay-Buys option also known as Lay-Away. 


I am ready to checkout, where is the Lay-Away option?
On the payment screen, after you have entered shipping information, select put it on lay-buy.

Is my info safe & secure?
Rest assured your info is safe. Payments are automatically setup in PayPal.
When will my items ship?
Once we receive your final payment give us at least three business days.
Should I login every time a payment is due?
Oh No! All payments are auto-paid from your linked card in your PayPal setup. No need to worry about your next due date.
How much do I need to pay upfront?
That’s up to you! Choose the % you want to pay down.
How long will I need to pay on my order?
That’s up to you too! Choose how many monthly installments you would like to pay.
Too good to be true! What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. No ongoing cost, no late fees, & no interest charges. Just pay a one-time admin fee of 1.9%.
Can I pay off my order early?
Absolutely! Email

How can I change the amount of months I’m paying on my plan?
Send an email, with details of your changes, to We will revise your payment plan.
What if I miss a payment?
We know life happens. PayPal will auto attempt in 5 days, two more times.
PayPal will send an email notifying you and qbj | MODERN FABRICS regarding your miss payment.
How can I see my Payment Plan?
Login to your PayPal account – go to settings >> payments >> pre-approved payments.